Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Game of Thrones, Actors Contacts Leaked

Hackers of US television network HBO have exposed the personal phone numbers of the actors of Game of Thrones. Hackers released the emails and the scripts in the latest release of data theft from the HBO's systems. The hackers have demanded a multimillion-dollar ransom to stop the release of all the TV shows and other emails.

A video message of 5 minutes duration has been sent to CEO Richard Plepler. The hackers warned the company to pay within 3 days otherwise they will put all the HBO shows and other confidential data online. Of course, this is a very bad news for HBO and HBO will suffer from a big loss, even HBO decides to pay or do nothing.

A few days ago, hackers hacked the HBO systems and compromised 1.5 TB of data which can be some TV series and millions of confidential information documents. However, it is still under investigation that how much data has been stolen.

HBO said that it would continue to investigate the systems to find some clues. HBO is working with the police and cyber security experts to find any clue regarding the hacking of the information that can help the police to catch the hackers.

HBO said that the hackers had demanded our six-month salary in form of bitcoins. The hackers claimed that they earn $12 million to $15 million per year by blackmailing such networks and organizations worldwide. They said that they will deal only with CEO of HBO Mr. Richard and disclose payment details to him in a letter.

The hackers leaked the Game of Thrones episode on torrents one or two days ago. The total data that was released with the warning video had size 3.4GB. The released data contained the passwords and personal details of the admins and networks. They leaked scripts from five Game of Thrones episodes.

According to the hackers, they took six months to break into the systems of HBO network. They claimed that they spent more than $500,000 a year to purchase the zero-day exploits that helped them in breaching the system. Remember, zero-day exploits are still unknown to biggest software companies like Microsoft and others.

More than 50 internal documents were released that were confidential including some legal claims against HBO network. These documents also include job offer letters for some top executives, a list of 37,977 emails called "Richard's Contact list", and slides to some other future technology plans. This was an apparent warning for CEO of HBO Mr. Richard.

A document containing the confidential detail about the cast for Game of Thrones with personal contact numbers and emails of actors, for example, Lena Heady, Emilia Clark, Peter Dinklage etc.

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